Tyndall Petition

Meet experts who agree climate change is an urgent problem

676 experts from 139 institutions agree
Climate change is a real and urgent problem

"There is overwhelming scientific evidence that people are warming the Earth beyond natural variability. This position is held by virtually all climate scientists, NASA, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the world’s most authoritative organization on climate change).

The question today is no longer if man-made climate change is happening, but how its challenges can be solved by human ingenuity. We must rapidly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in order to minimize the significant risks of climate change, such as more extreme heat waves, prolonged droughts and severe floods. Our actions will have lasting impacts on generations to come.”

The purpose of this petition is to display the overwhelming agreement among scientists on human-driven climate change. It's named after scientist John Tyndall, who discovered carbon dioxide trapped heat in 1859. The signers of this statement do so as individuals and not on behalf of their institutions. Explore the credentials of each of our signatories by clicking a box below.

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