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Ashok Gadgil
Ashok Gadgil is one of 676 signatories to the Tyndall Petition
Saturday, January 14, 2012
University of California, Berkeley
PhD, Physics
Computational fluid dynamics of indoor air and pollutant transport and simulation methods for complex non-linear systems


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Holger Brix
INSTITUTION: University of California, Los Angeles
DEGREE: PhD, Physics
EXPERTISE: Study of natural versus anthropogenic variability of global biogeochemical cycles using observational data and numerical models.

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Gene Rochlin
INSTITUTION: University of California, Berkeley
DEGREE: PhD, Physics
EXPERTISE: Teaches science and technology studies, organization theory, and political economy and public policy related to energy and environmental decision-making as well as social science methods.

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Brian Toon
INSTITUTION: University of Colorado, Boulder
DEGREE: PhD, Physics
EXPERTISE: Climate, clouds, aerosols, atmospheric chemistry and planetary atmospheres.