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Anthony Fisher
Anthony Fisher is one of 676 signatories to the Tyndall Petition
Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Professor of the Graduate School, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
University of California, Berkeley
PhD, Economics
The theory and practice of environmental resource valuation, theory of exhaustible resource extraction and exploration, energy/economy modeling, and the allocation of ground and surface water, especially under drought conditions. His recent research focuses primarily on aspects of the economics of climate change.


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Peter Berck
INSTITUTION: University of California, Berkeley
DEGREE: PhD, Economics
EXPERTISE: Agricultural and Resource Economics and Policy

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David Letson
INSTITUTION: University of Miami
DEGREE: PhD, Economics
EXPERTISE: Economics of climate variations and extreme weather

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Gary Yohe
INSTITUTION: Wesleyan University
DEGREE: PhD, Economics
EXPERTISE: Climate change mitigation and adaptation