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Amy Leventer
Amy Leventer is one of 676 signatories to the Tyndall Petition
Saturday, November 26, 2016
Colgate University
PhD, Geology
Oceanography, paleoclimatology, Antarctic marine geology and biology, environmental studies


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Jonathan Aurnou
INSTITUTION: University of California, Los Angeles
DEGREE: PhD, Geology
EXPERTISE: Fluid mechanics of convection systems

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Arjun Heimsath
INSTITUTION: Arizona State University
DEGREE: PhD, Geology
EXPERTISE: Soil erosion and sustainability, glacial erosion and response to climate, water development and management

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Harold Wanless
INSTITUTION: University of Miami
DEGREE: PhD, Geology
EXPERTISE: Hurricane effects on coastal environments, documenting the geologic and historical evolution of the coastal and shallow marine environments, and influences of sea level rise and anthropogenic stresses.