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Anastasia Romanou
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Thursday, December 15, 2016
Research Scientist
Columbia University
PhD, Physical Oceanography
Global carbon cycle and climate. Large-scale circulation of the oceans, meridional overturning, air-sea interactions and variability, gas-exchanges through the air-sea interface, climate variability, turbulence and mixing parameterizations, ocean and coupled ocean-atmosphere. General Circulation Models.


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Duane Waliser
INSTITUTION: Caltech / NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
DEGREE: PhD, Physical Oceanography
EXPERTISE: Climate dynamics, ocean-atmosphere coupling, tropical meteorology, global climate modeling, weather-climate linkages and predictability, and satellite mission science and development.

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Gidon Eshel
INSTITUTION: Columbia University
DEGREE: PhD, Physical Oceanography
EXPERTISE: Ocean and Climate Physics

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Igor Kamenkovich
INSTITUTION: University of Miami
DEGREE: PhD, Physical Oceanography
EXPERTISE: Ocean dynamics and its role in climate