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Baoqiang Xiang
Baoqiang Xiang is one of 676 signatories to the Tyndall Petition
Saturday, January 14, 2012
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Hawaii at Manoa
PhD, Meteorology
Air-Sea interaction and numerical modeling


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Nat Johnson
INSTITUTION: University of Hawaii at Manoa
DEGREE: PhD, Meteorology
EXPERTISE: Tropical climate, large-scale teleconnection patterns, atmospheric predictability

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Ben Kirtman
INSTITUTION: University of Miami
DEGREE: PhD, Meteorology
EXPERTISE: Uses complex coupled ocean atmosphere general circulation models to investigate the predictability of the climate system on time scales from days-to-decades and to study the influence of tropical variability on mid-latitude predictability

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Adam Sobel
INSTITUTION: Columbia University
DEGREE: PhD, Meteorology
EXPERTISE: Atmospheric and climate dynamics, tropical meteorology and extreme weather.